They should make a one piece basketball game.

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Kyrie passes to himself.  Joe Johnson grabs nothing.

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Third, I want to again, continue to push myself to travel out of the country. Last year I went to Japan and returned back to Hong Kong. Two amazing eye-opening trips. I saw a ton. Ate as much as I could. and Experienced! a lot of culture. I need to continue to push myself to travel while I am still young. I am 25 years old, I think this is the prime time for traveling and exploring while I am still young, healthy, and curious! Responsibilities are slowly building up but I must I must I must travel more in the next 5 years. There’s just so much to see around the world!

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I couldnt sleep last night so I thought a lot about the future, First and foremost, I cannot wait to continue this awesome relationship with my one and only. 8 Months strong. I am devoted to continue to grow as a person and experience life together with her. 

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Love the Moutains

Love the Moutains

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Awesome Los Angeles Architecture Video, some really hard to find beautiful perspectives of downtown LA. 

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Next, for my hopes for the future, I want to continue to hike and explore the nature of our beautiful planet. So far, for the past 2 years I have had to opportunity to explore various national parks and conserved areas in America and other parts of the world here and there. I would love to continue to push myself to keep on hiking and exploring the natural world. 

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"Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you. #greatreminder"

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